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Improve your Skills
The key to become a successful graduate is not only to build solid theoretical and methodological skills during your years at the University. It is equally important learning how to collaborate with co-students and apply your skills to open-ended real-world problems.
The AAU PBL Model
The Summer School at Aalborg University is a unique option for undergraduate students. It offers you the chance to acquire theoretical and methodological skills at a high level and at the same time experience our renowned Project Organised Problem Based pedagogical model.
Solving Problems
This approach has reached enormous popularity all over the world. The focus is on learning through investigating real world problems. The key philosophy may be expressed by an old Chinese proverb:
“Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I will remember
Involve me and I will understand
Step back and I will act”


Own Group Rooms
During the Summer School at Aalborg University you will attend lectures by internationally recognized researchers and apply the theories and methods in real world problems. You will collaborate with co-students in small groups. Each group will have its own room with blackboards, tables, chairs and Internet access.
Professional Lecturers
Scientist from Aalborg University will offer their assistance during the course of the Summer School to help students achieve great results. Furthermore, you will have access to top-level laboratories and a library with a large collection of high quality books, journals and standards.
  Aalborg University Summer School
"If you really like working in teams, this is your place! I reallys enjoyed collaborating with serious staff - forget about boring assignments. And be ready for awesome Danish parties, of course!!
(Quim Llimona Spain, 2012)
"I like the problem based learning a lot. It helps you to digest the lessons and also to actually do something with what you've learned. Aside to the studying, the experience of being here with different people from all over the world is a very enriching experience."
(Ben Curvers, Belgium, 2012)



Lifelong Friendships
After a hard day of study you will be invited to join our memorable social program. Students from Aalborg University will show you secret sides of Aalborg and challenge you to taste local specialties. Furthermore, you may have a chance to visit some of the beautiful beaches that are located close to Aalborg. There will be plenty of options to challenge your co-students in games and sports. Don’t be surprised if you make lifelong friendships during the Summer School. Our social program will be adapted to your wishes to ensure an unforgettable stay in Aalborg and Denmark.


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