Stefan Andrei Lucien, Romania

"Working with people that have totally different backgrounds can be a challenge and a great way to learn new things. The multidisciplinary and hands-on approach were the great aspects of this programme”.

Juras Klimasauskas, Lithuania

“One of the best things about studying at AAU is the possibility to work on projects you are really interested in. There is no limitation to your creativity”.

Xiangyun Du, China

"This is the first time we found a real problem ourselves rather than getting something from supervisors. It is really exciting. It fits my way of learning. I learn better when I find the way myself. This way of learning is much better than only attending lectures, because I have to know why I need to learn this. When I know the objective clearly, I learn much better. When working on a problem, I am strongly motivated and attracted. We need to solve this problem."

German Corrales, Spain

"After several years of studying in different style, Aalborg brought us the opportunity to study and work in a way that we feel confident and ready for our future carrier - working in real projects not only in theoretical way."

Farhood Hakhamaneshi, Iran

"Having international students (almost from all around the world) and cooperative system of learning (working on projects and learning together in groups) are the main features that belongs to AAU. Interacting with different cultures, being familiar with different ways of thinking and developing our knowledge by getting help from each other in groups are the things that we experienced at AAU".